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Newbie Questions!

Hi Group!

I have been lurking in this community for a while now and have made some latex items. I'm starting to get serious with this craft and have a couple of questions for you all.

- I've bought MJ Trends Ammonia-based adhesive to use with their (good for praticing) latex. At $16 (+s&h) that isn't very economical. Now I want to start making my own adhesive mix. Would I just get some rubber cement (like this) and thinner (like this?) If not, what types? I'm located in the US if that helps any.

- I know that latex is a natural material, but how long can you keep it before it starts to degrade? I don't want to have to order every time I'm about to start a new project.

-Any other advice would be much appreciated! Sorry if these questions seem dumb.

Thanks in advance, everyone!
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Hey all! Im just starting out trying to make some latex clothing for myself.
I thought I pretty much had it figured out until I got to the sleeves!
Does anyone know the best way to set sleeves in???

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Just wanted to thank Scarlet Bliss and everyone who has helped me begin my new hobby and I wanted to share a couple of photos from shoots I did wearing the first little set I created as well as some other things I'm working on...it's just a start but I am excited!

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A friend in need...

Am wondering if anyone has an extra White .3 to .45mm latex I could buy. I'm hoping to have my Kink Academy cheer outfit complete for an up coming photo shoot and am coming up empty. My main go to Kink Engineering is out of stock.

I need 3 yard to complete my outfit and would really appreciate some help

Effects of glue/thinner on artificial nails.

i was wondering if anyone has any experience with how artificial nails, specifically solar nails, react when they come in contact with the cement glue or the glue thinner.

Seeing as pretty nails are sort of a requirement for my current occupation i would prefer not to ruin them. i have the gel over the polish instead of the reverse if that matters.

Thank you in advance.


"Making Latex Clothes"

Does anyone know where i can find this book for under $195.00 USD?

i checked the Deviant Latex site and the publisher's site, sadly, both places don't have it in stock.

i could only find it for that ridiculous price on Amazon.com...while i do have $200 to spend i'd rather use the money for better supplies!

Thank you in advanced for any advice!

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I'm making a pattern for a dress and I would like some help with the seam allowances. I read somewhere that latex patterns only need one seam allowance? Is this correct? If so why?

Also can anyone recommend any good patterns to use, or alternatively a good reliable pattern generater?

Harpic limescale remover

I need this - http://www.onestopcleaningsupplies.co.uk/housekeeping-supplies/de-scalers/harpic-limescale-remover-pack-of-6/prod_61.html?added=1

And I've had no success find something with similar chemistry in the USA nor can I seem to find a UK site that will ship in to me :(

Its not in an aresol can or anything so it must just be the sites are uk based and just don't ship tome.

would any UK person be willing to help me out and buy and then ship to me?

be very grateful!