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Latex Crafters

A place for latex designers to share ideas

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A place to share ideas and tips for working with latex
Are you interested in latex clothing and accessories? Need advice or feedback on a new project? Have something cool you need to show off? Are you feeling totally sexy in that new outfit you just made and want people to ooh and ahh over you? Have a few meters of sheet latex you want to trade for a different color or sell altogether? Did you see some amazing new piece of fetishwear which inspires you and will inspire the rest of us? Talk to us!

This is a community for latex fashion and accessory designers to sound off and show off.


Please make sure images posted to the list are saved at 72 dpi and are no larger than 600 dpi wide, to control side-scrolling.

Details about methods are encouraged! We can learn from each other, but not if you post "look at this shiny I just made. Isn't it neat??" and there are no details about some useful technique you learned or used.

You may posts auctions, but only for latex stuff. And for the sake of us all, post the damn sizes!

Do try to be on-topic! But, if it's about something shiny (like vinyl & pvc and sparkly things), I'm sure others will still be interested.

To get in on the group 4D latex ordering, go here: http://order.nubba.net/
The group ordering is run entirely by tonyawinter and the ordering form was created by bluknight. Ordering as a group allows us to get substantial savings over ordering a meter here and there, particularly domestically. However, there is a 10 meter minimum order for any given color, so if you're ordering 2 meters of olive, be aware that it may take some time for someone else to order another 8 meters.

Please be aware that these groups orders are being conducted for the benefit of us all. Please do not place orders you do not intend to followthrough with. Recurrent pulling out of orders after the totals have been finalized by tonyawinter will result in your being banned from the community. Nonpayment will also result in your being banned.

Founded and moderated by isara

(note: latex rose icon nabbed from Gaelyn & Cianfarani)

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